Sunday, March 05, 2006

"Lawn Services Done With Pride!! By An English Speaking American."

A lawn care owner, who's primary job is with with Arapahoe County Public Works (in Colorado), finds his job in jeopardy, because he advertizes that he speaks English. I was born and raised in South Florida, where it was common to see signs that said things like, "Hablamos Espanol" or "Nous Parlons Fran├žais". No one took offense. Miami is a multi-cultural city. Maybe, that makes a difference. How can this man be told that, he can't do the same thing in his advertizing-
in English?


Arapahoe County is threatening to fire a veteran Public Works employee for promoting the fact that he is an English speaking American.

"They claim it's offensive and I've been accused of discrimination and harassment, believe it or not, because of this," said Mike Gray, a heavy equipment operator with the Arapahoe County Road and Bridge Department for 16 years.

The problems began last spring. Gray, 50, owns a lawn service business on the side. He was routinely driving to work in his pickup truck towing a trailer that he uses to carry lawn mowing equipment for his business.

On the side of his trailer, the married father of two affixed a sign that reads "Lawn Services Done With Pride!! By An English Speaking American."

The sign also gives Gray's phone number and the lettering is over a background of an American flag.

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