Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More Americans abducted along Mexico border than in Iraq

Since, I live in Texas, this isn't news to me. It shouldn't be news to the MSM, either. But, you'll only hear how lawless and dangerous Iraq is. If the MSM says anything about the Mexican border, it will be about how out of control the Minutemen are. Iraq will be alright. Can the same thing be said for Mexico?

LAREDO, Texas – This border area is one of the least publicized international crisis zones. More Americans have been kidnapped just in this area than in all of Iraq by Islamic terrorists.

Twenty-six Americans are now officially listed as missing in the Laredo-Nuevo Laredo region of the U.S.-Mexico border—in addition to the more than 400 Mexicans reported to be suffering a similar fate.

The number of American civilians missing or kidnapped in Iraq since the beginning of the war is 23 as of last September, the latest figure released by the State Department.

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