Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Reaching From Here to There"

Soldier's Angel-Holly Aho has written a book highlighting what everyday Americans do to support our troops. Holly has begun a program to provide free copies to soldiers who request one.
From Holly's blog:

Now, for a bit more detailed information. Soldiers can request a copy of the book here. Currently there are about 20 soldiers on the waiting list to receive a book. As I've mentioned in the past, when I initially published the book I wanted it to be affordable so I priced it very low. If I'd known then that there would be an interest from soldiers themselves in obtaining a copy of the book I would have priced it higher to use royalties to purchase additional copies for military men and women.

The book's intention was for our troops to receive support by encouraging readers to get involved in personally supporting our troops. It didn't occur to me that the book itself would be used for that actual support, at least not in a big way. When I learned that soldiers themselves found encouragement from the book I was glad to hear it of course, but definately didn't want to hear of them paying for a copy of the book! They more than deserve encouragement and support and they definately shouldn't have to pay to get it. So that's where the Reaching From Here To There program started.

Donors can purchase a copy of the book for one of the soldiers on the waiting list to receive a copy, and include a note of encouragement and support along with the book. Also, a suggestion was made that wounded soldiers might appreciate a copy of the book, especially those currently in the hospital recovering. SA Germany provides transitional backpacks to the wounded at the Landstuhl hospital, and so a good start would be to provide a copy of the book for each backpack. The SA Germany angels tell me they fill approximately 50 backpacks a month.

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