Friday, March 03, 2006

Dear Soldier

Dear Soldier
By Angie Falzarano

We asked for a few good men,
We asked for a few good women,
And we got you.
When freedoms were threatened...
You stood to the challenge.
When hope was lost...
You gave your strength.
When lives were at stake...
You sacrificed yours.
In the darkest of days...
Your light shined the way.
So with a tear in our eye,
And pride in our heart,
We want to thank you
For all that you do.
This poem was written by a co-worker.
We work at a large airport, one of two that
soldiers return through on their way to
R&R. At her own expense, she has it printed
on 4x5 cards. She gives them to every
soldier that she
is supporting the military.

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