Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Governor praises student who taped criticism of Bush

Gov. Bill Owens: "This is a high school. You assume that
many of these students are fairly naive when it comes to
public policy, and they deserve to have both sides pres-
ented." (AP)

Gov. Owens, of Colorado said that he was surprised at the backlash against a student, who taped the liberal trash his geography teacher was presenting.

I'm not the least surprised. There is only the liberal point of view. It, after all is correct. Anything else is wrong. So, what the student has to be terribly wrong and he should be driven from proper society. The Governor said it best himself:

For his part, Owens said Bennish should have presented both sides of the
argument on Bush's policies.

"I'll bet that you don't have Mr. Bennish balancing later in the day talking about the good things that the United States is doing in Iraq, discussing why George Bush is not similar to Adolf Hitler," the governor said. "I'll bet there just aren't any tapes from any student of Mr. Bennish giving that other side."

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