Monday, November 07, 2005

So, how DO you get your News?

I found this website to be a terrific change from what I have come to expect out of Hollywood. Kudo's to Bruce Willis, for saying and doing all of the right things. He steps to a different drummer, than his contemporaries, and puts his money to the right causes. Any man, who supports children's causes and supports his country's military, is a friend of mine-even if we never meet. Please, visit for a refreshing change of pace, and WATCH his movies. Thank you.
So, how DO you get your News? Television? Newspaper? Online? Word of Mouth?Whatever your preferred choice of getting YOUR news, a VERY large percentage of the News has been shown to be either biased on one side or another, Manipulated by the Powers That Be, Sensationalized, or otherwise Slanted so that by the time it gets to you it bears very little resemblance to what is actually occurring in our World today. Whether it is about Hurricane Katrina, The War in Iraq, the latest exploits of the Rich/Famous, or whatever else is current today, I completely believe that nearly ALL the news that trickles down to us is somehow manipulated. That said, I am not writing this to convince you of what I believe to be true.I was recently sent what has come to be called a "blogspot", written by a gentleman named Michael Yon, who is currently reporting from the frontlines of Iraq. I have found his writing to be refreshing, honest, and compassionate, and anyone who has Family in Harm's Way either in Iraq, Afghanistan, at Sea, or anywhere else in the World will hopefully find his reporting to be as un-filtered and manipulation-free as I have.I do NOT write this to try to affect your opinion of the War one way or the other. We are ALL entitled to believe what we wish. But in a World where even children can easily spot the Media's over-whelming appetite for the Sensational, I have found Mr. Yon's Site to be what feels like the Real Deal. michaelyon.blogspot.comI remain, your pal, beedub

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