Thursday, November 03, 2005

Defenders of Freedom

A worthy, local (to me) organization with noble mission.

"Defenders of Freedom" is a 501 c 3 non profit organization with the purpose of raising money to support our troops who are currently deployed around the world. Because our troops are actively working to keep America safe, "Defenders of Freedom" believe passionately in showing them as much support as possible.

100% of the profits are used to:

  • Send "support boxes" to our men and women in uniform
  • Support wounded soldiers with encouragement and needed items, especially those with no support
  • Support the families of our wounded soldiers both physically and emotionally
  • Support the USO

Every single day roughly 200 troops arrive at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to begin their two week R&R leave. A group of "Army Moms" began to gather there daily to greet these soldiers. As an added bonus, these Army Moms have had the honor to greet and bolster the morale of the buddies and fellow soldiers of their own sons and daughters who are involved currently in the war and actively serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. This daily greeting has become an event talked about and anticipated by the troops arriving at DFW on their way home. From this group of "Army Moms" and support from an "Army Families" email support group of one of the moms, evolved the "Defenders of Freedom".

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