Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just another day at the office for Capt. B.

Today was a good day. However, one of our convoys was hit by and IED, there were no injuries. That was just one of many IED attacks beginning last night along with a single rocket impact (no factor). A couple detonations went off through the night but I just inched a little closer to the hesco and sandbags as they are the last line of defense for keeping red hot shrapnel giving me a new orifice. Near by, the engineers dropped a building that had been used by dirt bags to sharp shoot at Soldiers. Chalk up one abanded building collapsed and turned to useless rubble. The explosion was different that that of a rocket or IED but the shock wave scared the hell out of us as we knew it was getting demolished but didn’t know exactly when. Curfew begins around here at 2300. But that doesn’t mean Haji wont lob a few rockets on timers or mortars at you at sunset or sneak out late in the night and quickly fire that RPG your way, F’ers. They have to set that crap on timers because they know they are dead if they stick around after they shoot them. If they do stick around or see the fire at us we will have a Plt on them with circling air support so fast their head will swing. Im sure Haji is up to something as the elections approach on the 15th and they don’t have the logistics to maintain a steady fight so they will do their thing then lay low to dig up their resupply and get ready for another attack on us. Its getting harder for them though as we see everything they do…………silly Haji’s we are always ready for a good fight.

From the blog page 'One Marine's View'. The page is maintained by Capt. B.. He is articulate and he is there, in the 'sandbox'. The site is worth the view and be sure to thank a good man for his service to his country.

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