Monday, October 10, 2005


A blog page of note: Stories You Won't Find In The Local Paper, Or On The TV News . I like this soldiers style. A terrorist is not an 'insurgent'. He's a "Scuzzball". Period. Underlings in any terrorist organization are not 'top lieutenants'. They are "Buttboys". He calls 'em like he sees 'em. There aren't any words used that legitimize these thugs.
Check the page out. Here's a sample from 'Stories':
In other combat operations around east Baghdad, an Iraqi Police patrol discovered a suspicious vehicle parked along a road around 6:30 a.m.
The IPs, believing the sedan might be a car bomb, did not approach the car but were able to observe from a safe distance that there was a dead body inside.
The IPs were concerned that a terrorist had placed the body in the car as bait, which is sometimes used as a terrorist ploy to bring potential targets closer to a vehicle before detonation in order to maximize casualties.In this case, the IPs believed, the bait was being used to kill first responders who would approach the body in the car.
The police secured the area to prevent potential injury to pedestrians and commuters. An explosive ordnance disposal team was called to the scene. As the vehicle was being examined by remote methods, explosives inside the car detonated.
There were no casualties.
“It sickens me that the terrorists are willing to murder someone and use them as bait. We will probably never know who the victim in the car was but I can only imagine that he had a family and loved ones, and he was killed for absolutely no reason,” said Col. Joseph DiSalvo, 2nd Brigade Combat Team commander. “I applaud the vigilance of the Iraqi Police who found this car bomb before it could be detonated.”
Later, around 9 a.m., Coalition Forces working with Iraqi Police responded to a report of rockets being fired in the vicinity of the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior building.
The IPs and Iraqi Army forces descended upon the suspected origin of the rocket fire. Within an hour, the Iraqi forces discovered a suspicious ice cream truck parked near a soccer stadium. A search revealed that the vehicle was disguised as an ice cream truck and used for launching rockets.
Further investigation revealed the vehicle had recently launched four rockets; one of which hit a local civilian’s vehicle, causing the death of one Iraqi citizen and wounding another. The other three rockets caused no casualties and little damage.
“These improvised weapons systems are of dubious military value. It is almost impossible to know where the rockets will land. When the terrorists try to employ these weapons, you can expect the collateral damage will be great,” said Sgt. 1st Class Robert Bennett, a fire support expert in 2nd BCT. Weblog LINK

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