Saturday, September 17, 2005

One More

In this video, there is a photo of an Iraqi woman holding up a purple finger to signify that she has voted. In the corner of her eye, a teardrop. Some of us take for granted the right to vote and maybe, never even exercise that right. She may have voted for the first time in her life, risking that very life for something many of us never think about-Freedom! It seems worth our effort to empower the people of Iraq and Afghanistan in there efforts to live free and make their own choices in life. That's just my opinion.

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A military mom named Millie sent me an email which explained how she was sent a link to our "Until Then" presentation on Christmas eve. She had lost her son in Iraq in March of 2003. As she watched, she saw one of the last pictures taken of her son, sitting relaxed, reading a newspaper. I have pondered greatly on that happenstance and of the many families that have lost loved ones in this conflict. Some have spoken against our presence in Iraq. But I believe that those who have given their lives in this war have done so for a great and noble purpose. One only needs to look at the faces of those who voted in the first free Iraqi election in 50 years.

Music - "Main Theme" from For the Love of the Game by Basil Pledgors - © 1999 Varese Sarabande

Video courtesy of the good folks at GCS Distributing. The above comments are theirs and I agree. I just wish that I had said them.

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