Tuesday, September 13, 2005

DFW Marine Corps Families

This is a local organization doing a worthwhile purpose. Please, support simliar organizations in you community. Thank you!



DFW Marine Corps Families, a non-profit organization, was formed for the purpose of providing friendship, support, and encouragement to families of those serving in the United States Marine Corps. Very often our family members and co-workers do not understand or relate to the unique circumstances of military families. We recognize the great need for Marine families in our community to associate with others who share the same pride, worries, and concerns. This group will also undertake charitable activities which benefit the Marine directly, such as sending care packages, writing letters of support during deployment, organizing support rallies, and other activities that convey our support and gratitude, especially during times of deployment.

DFW MCF sponsors many activities in which we encourage the community to participate. In addition to bi-monthly gatherings for our members, we invite you to participate in some of our group sponsored events.


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