Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Night Stalkers Creed

Brothers of the Creed

In dreams at night
I remember flight
With brothers of the creed.

Through blackest night

All-weather flight

The bravest of the breed.

Pilots, crewchiefs,

With warrior's beliefs;

As one we gave our all.

After endless briefs

Oh, what relief,

To finally get the call.

Into the night

We carry the fight

Wherever the Nation's need.

Our friend the night

Will cover our flight

With stealth we do the deed.

At dawns first light

I awake from the night

With a void, a pressing need.

To remember the flights

Through the darkest of nights

With my Brothers of the Creed.


Anthony (Tony) Bizzell, retired Hooter Bro, 1993 - 96.

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