Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Firefight

There is a very interesting account of a firefight in The Blog page of Michael Yon, a independent writer. He chronicles day to day events of an infantry unit. The quote below, is taken from today's post (8/25) detailing a firefight. The story is worth reading and the pictures are worth viewing (click on them for a much enlarged view).

CSM Prosser drags the terrorist into the alley ...

"Prosser had beaten the terrorist in the head three times with his fist and was gripping his throat, choking him. But Prosser's gloves were slippery with blood so he couldn't hold on well. At the same time, the terrorist was trying to bite Prosser's wrist, but instead he bit onto the face of Prosser's watch. (Prosser wears his watch with the face turned inward.) The terrorist had a mouthful of watch but he somehow also managed to punch Prosser in the face. When I shot the propane canister, Prosser had nearly strangled the guy, but my shots made Prosser think bad guys were coming, so he released the terrorist's throat and snatched out the pistol from his holster, just as SSG Konkol, Lewis, Devereaux and Muse swarmed the shop. But the shots and the propane fiasco also had brought the terrorist back to life, so Prosser quickly reholstered his pistol and subdued him by smashing his face into the concrete."

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