Friday, December 22, 2006

Troop Talk radio

I heard about Troop Talk radio on a local talk radio show and thought that they were doing a wonderful thing, in giving the troops music downloads that are made available through donations. Troop Talk accepts as little as a one dollar donation towards the gift of music (it is Christmas.)

About Troop Talk

Troop Talk radio brings the soldier’s story front and center.Through engaging live interviews with military members who have served and continue to serve, hosts Captain Trip Bellard and Leah Lett, give listeners an opportunity to find out what’s really going on in the U.S. military. No where else can the American public talk live on the air to soldiers presently fighting the War on Terror. These Real Life American Heroes now have a way to share their stories as they happen. No sound bytes, no bits, no spins - just the Truth.

"Troop Talk's format is one of the most innovativeideas for a radio show. Trip Bellard succeeds intalking about important issues as well as creating avehicle for the voices of our men and women in uniformto be heard and appreciated."
- Congresswoman Kay Granger (TX-12)

How it all began..."Gentlemen, be proud of what you have accomplished and be proud to tell people your story! People want to know your story!"-LTC Kyle McClelland, FA, CDR 1-7 FA, gave this advice to every TF 1-7 soldier that went on R&R from FOB Summerall, Iraq from Feb 2004 to Feb 2005.
Captain Trip, a past subordinate of LTC McClelland, is an adamant supporter of our nation and our military and he took to heart what his commander had to say. He is committed to telling his story and providing Americans with his perspective on the Global War on Terror. He has spoken to numerous organizations, domestically and overseas, to include Veteran’s organizations, business associations, and civic organizations.
Troop Talk the radio show was developed after Captain Trip received an invitation and appeared on The David Allen Show sharing his first-hand experiences of the war in Iraq. That single interview received such overwhelming response, it soon blossomed into a stand alone show with a loyal audience that continues to grow. Troop Talk is now "marching across the country" in national syndication.

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