Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I found the photo on a website called The bin-Laden Times. They had nominated Ted for 'Traitor of the Day'. That was October of 2001. Maybe they limited themselves too narrowly, when they used the word, 'Day'. Maybe 'Traitor of the Century' or 'Traitor of the Millenium'.
How can anyone be ambivalent on choosing between terrorists on all of the rest of us? I guess only Ted, The Poster Child of Terrorism and ex-Husband of The Traitor of the Vietnam War, knows the answer to that question.
I sleep peacefully at night, because, I know that so many others know which side they should choose.

They chose family and friends. They chose their fellow Americans. They chose me.

They chose you!

And, Ted doesn't know which side to choose?

Here was his last choice:

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