Thursday, May 11, 2006

A New Poem from Russ Vaughn

"I wrote this last night in San Diego where I was attending a military medical conference. The ACLU's insistence that San Diego tear down this memorial cross is a very hot topic on talk radio out there." Russ Vaughn
Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Cross (a poem)

On a hill in San Diego
Stands a monument to our losses;
A tribute to our wartime dead
Like many other crosses.

Against a tranquil azure sky,
This cross has borne the years,
It’s spreading shadow falling
Upon graves that bear our tears.

For decades no one’s questioned
This pale tribute to our slain,
Until angry Libs at ACLU,
Decided to complain;

And seek a federal order
From robed fools in Sodom town,
That this offensive Christian symbol
Must forthwith be torn down.

To everything’s a season,
A time for birth and dying,
A time, too, for love of country
To fall victim to Liberal lying;

A time for those of any faith,
Those heartfelt, frank believers,
To be ridiculed and rejected
By hollow harsh deceivers;

But there is a time as well
When truth must sure prevail,
When our hearts sense basic truth,
Causing fools like these to fail.

And stand we must against these fools,
Or it will be our gravest loss,
If these fools succeed when they demand,
Mr. Bush, tear down that cross.

The Left’s has ne’er forgotten how Ronald Reagan brought their fall
When with his words he changed the world by tearing down their wall.

Russ Vaughn 5 11 06

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