Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Well, this is what he came to do. Now, he's done it. That had to hurt!"

The post title came from a soldier's comments at the end of the video that follows. A Hat Tip to ROFASix for this video of a homicide (the term that I prefer) bomber failing in his mission. I lifted the post entirely, as it explains everything about the video, better that I could have. Thank you ROFASix!

"VBIED Suicide Bomber - Up Close & Personal
Before you view the video I have linked here - a warning to parents! Think hard before you let your kids see this one.
This link takes you to a graphic video of a suicide bomber in Baghdad, who attempted to ram an explosives-packed car into an Abrams tank and destroy it. Before you view it - read what follows as it will help you understand what you are seeing.
As you watch it, be mindful of one other thing. These soldiers could have ended this with one main gun round from the tank parked down the road. But they didn't. Instead, they called in EOD, cleared the area and attacked the explosive charge not the driver who was injured and at any point could have decided to choose life over death. Liberals may not ever grasp that what you are seeing here is incredible compassion by our warriors who do such hard things for us.

Here is a brief explanation of what your are seeing in this video. The attack attempt failed; all the explosives in the car did not detonate. The car was partially destroyed and the driver wounded, but he was still capable of detonating a further charge. This was a very dangerous situation, so the Army and Iraqi police closed the road to traffic, and an ordnance detachment used a tracked, remote-controlled robot to approach the car, take pictures of it and its dazed driver, then place a demolition charge beside it, and "assist" the driver in completing hisown suicide. Note that the driver makes no attempt at surrender.

Even after destroying the car and killing the driver, a package of several undetonated artillery shells and land mines is seen remaining on the pavement. In the last frames, they are seen being blown by the EOD people in a field at a remote site. Note the size of this explosion, which would have taken place beside the Abrams tank, if the suicide driver's car had originally detonated as planned.

The accompanying description reads as follows: "The pictures and video are from the EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) robot you'll see in the video. If you look closely in the picture of the inside of the car you can see projectiles and explosives used as the primary explosive charge
(you'll see them later as well). The guy is still alive and can still function the device, so what do you do?

Army EOD knows; just place an "explosive disruption tool" under said vehicle to "disrupt" the explosives and their initiators... along with the suicide bomber.

Good video taken by an EOD robot and overhead assets give a compelling look at who the good guys and the bad guys are. In this case the good guys don't wear white hats, they wear Kevlar instead. "

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