Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Christiane, I'm sorry, I guess I missed the part about coalition soldiers, more specifically, American soldiers, that have been killed or injured defending your right to free speech. Journalists have been injured or killed covering every war (Ernie Pyle comes to mind), whether that war was a "disaster", as you call this one, or a not. I'm trying to remember if CNN was the network that suppressed reporting of Iraq attrocities at Saddam's request, or not. Hmm, let me think......

From the Drudge Report:

Mon Jan 30 2006 21:56:52 ET

CNN's top war correspondent Christiane Amanpour now says the Iraq war has been a disaster and has created a "black hole."

Amanpour made the comments Monday evening on the all-news network.

"The Iraq war has been a disaster, and journalists have paid for it," Amanpour explains to Larry King, a day after ABC NEWS anchor Bob Woodruff was hit injured by a bomb.

"This is not acceptable what's going on there and it's a terrible situation."

AMANPOUR: "It's a spiraling security disaster... And by any indication whether you take the number of journalists killed or wounded, whether you take the number of Iraqi soldiers killed and wounded, contractors, people working there, it just gets worse and worse."


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