Monday, January 09, 2006

Sgt. Mike Stokely Update

Robert Stokely, father of fallen soldier Sgt. Mike Stokely, finally received an e-mail response from the Washington Post. The Post responded, graciously and respectfully, to Mr. Stokely's pleas to print his letter regarding his feelings on his son's sacrifice. I personally was disaappointed that Mr. Stokely's letter will go unpublished by The Post. The Post's e-mail is posted below my comments and the italics are mine.

Mr. Stokely,Thank you for submitting your piece to us for publication, we did receiveit, unfortunately we will not be able to use it. No slight was intended innot responding to you. Due to the sheer volume of submissions that we receive on a daily basis time only allows us to respond to writers that we plan on publishing.On a personal note, sir, I am deeply indebted to your son Sgt. Michael"Mike"James Stokely and to your family for the sacrifice he, and you, madein serving our country. It is a debt that can never be repaid. It is,however, a debt that will be remembered in my prayers.
John M. White
The Washington PostEditorial Department

I was curious as to what selection process was used in publishing one father's letter and not another's. I may never know the answer to that. But, I will say, that published or not. I will respect both fathers, remember both sons, and never call the loss of either of those precious lives a waste.

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