Sunday, January 15, 2006

American Heroes

A couple of American Heroes, Keni Thomas, former Ranger, of 'Blackhawk Down' fame, now a country music star and my oldest son. Keni's band was featured in the movie, Sweet Home Alabama. His music video, 'Not Me' is worth seeing and can be linked below. My son, in the photo below with Keni, doesn't sing. But, he is a hero nevertheless. Both men are good, honorable men who have defended their country. There isn't anymore that I can say. How they live their lives says it all.
On Oct. 3, 1993, Sgt. Keni Thomas was enjoying a scheduled day off, writing a letter to his mother as fellow American soldiers stationed in Somalia played volleyball nearby. Then, from an airplane hanger, a voice screamed, "Alright, get it on!"

Within minutes, the Army Rangers were on Black Hawk helicopters, slicing through the dust over Mogadishu en route to "kick in the doors" and capture warlords working under Gen. Mohammed Farah Adid.

"You prepare yourself. Train as you fight, fight as you train . . . Once you get the call, you just do it," the Gainesville-bred Thomas told about 350 college students Friday at the University of Florida.

As a keynote speaker for the National Agriculture Ambassador Conference, the 1989 UF graduate brought students to tears and the room to its feet as he detailed - often with humor - his role in the famed Black Hawk Down mission. And, in keeping with the event's theme, Thomas hammered home one question: If I don't, who will?

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Keni and the Kid.

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