Wednesday, December 07, 2005

War Heroes!

My Parents.

I wanted to take a moment on 'Pearl Harbor Day' to remember my parents who have both passed away.

I have been accused at times, usually at a long distance, of being 'too patriotic'. I have wondered what that meant. How can someone be 'too patriotic'?

Is it like, "He's too smart."? As if there was a way to dumb that person down a little.

Or, "She's too good looking." What a burden that must be.

Then there's "He's too rich." That must mean that the rich man should go broke giving his money away to those who think that he is too rich.

I am that rich man. I don't have money. I had the parents that you see above. They were members of Tom Brokaw's "Greatest Generation." They gave me all that they had. They taught me compassion and respect for others. They taught me to appreciate what I had, where and how I lived. They were people of modest means. Some might have called them poor. But, they left this rich son behind.

I am rich because I was born an American, the son of a Navy Seabee, who served in WWII in the South Pacific and of a high school dropout, who worked in an aircraft plant wiring warplanes.

I am proud of them. Because of my parents, I am proud of my country.

Because of Mom,

Because of Dad,

I am 'too patriotic'.

May God Bless them and the land that they loved.

God Bless the United States of America.

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