Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Time For a Cigar"

I love this guy. From One Marine's View:

"The Marines moral is good. Tuff and determined they continue their operation for the extended week. When you kick a rock over and find scumbags you keep turning rocks over until you get all of them. There are plenty of scumbags out here to take care of and we are on a roll as young Marines and Iraqi Soldiers build their coordination against the enemy. It’s the young Marines out there kicking in doors and freeing Iraq one terrorist at a time. They are where the rubber meets the road and regardless of age their professionalism and determination is ever present. These are the 17-22 year olds you know back home who might have loaded your grocery’s, cut your grass or been the “kid” next door. Tough, smart and battlefield tested they take on the foreign fighter head on and respond with outstanding results freeing a nation of scum. Its my pleasure to serve with them. They are heroes! May God continue to Bless America! (the bold font is mine)

Semper Fi,
Time for a cigar!"

May God bless you as well, Capt. B.

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