Sunday, November 27, 2005

Saddam Hussein Uniform to be Sold at Auction

The news of the auction of Saddam's uniform goes a long way towards explaing the photograph at the left. And, I thought that Saddam was doing the exhibitionist thing to get attention.
Wednesday, November 23, 2005
andrew turner
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Saddam Hussein Uniform to be Sold on Kansas City Auction Website
Manion's International Auction House announces Saddam Hussein's dress uniform is to be placed on Internet auction
Kansas City, Mo. - infoZine - Manion's International Auction House has acquired a dress uniform owned by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. The uniform will be featured in the company's upcoming "gold auction" running thru December 1, 2005."This is the second Hussein uniform we have presented for auction since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom," said John Conway, a representative for Manion's Auction. "The first was brought back by an Army NCO and sold for $24,000."This newest addition to Manion's Auction was obtained by an Army Sergeant during the first night US Troops gained control of Baghdad International Airport. The uniform was located in a tailor shop, and was among many suits and outfits designed for Hussein. The unique insignia of the republic eagle and shoulder cord on the uniform identify it as a match to the former Iraqi President."We have been in the business of selling rare military items to museums and collectors for over three decades," said Conway. "We study every detail of each item to insure authenticity...this is a unique opportunity to own a piece of history while it is happening"Manion's Auction realizes this opportunity to be unique and has accepted a certain responsibility in offering Hussein's uniform up for the highest bid. The company will donate a percentage of the commission from this uniform to a charitable concern."We're excited to offer this piece of history to the collecting community," said company president Jody Tucker, "but we're also looking at it as an opportunity to give something back to the men and women of our Armed Forces."Visit for more information.
Watch Saddam Hussein sing a jihadist version Outkast's "Hey Yeah."

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