Thursday, November 17, 2005


I love being in on the birth of new things. Introducing a new blog: FREEDOM NOW . The most recent post follows:
"Wednesday, November 16, 2005

An Hour of Soul Searching

11/16/05 - 8:38pm
George Bush is still clinging to power. How much longer can he last?
11/16/05 - 8:46pm
I checked CNN and, no news… The bastard must be holding on.
11/16/05 - 8:49pm
I’m afraid to look. I don’t understand it. All my friends hate Bush. Hell, I won’t be seen associating with anyone that supports that war monger. I thought our country was a democracy. This is proof that we are living under a dictatorship.
11/16/05 - 9:04pm
I hate middle AmeriKKKa. You have to be an idiot to vote for that chimp monkey goat boy. Why does my country have to be so stupid? They are a bunch of redneck racists, I wish they would all die.
11/16/05 - 9:15pm
I think I will move to Europe. After the 2004 election Eddie Vedder said he would move, but he only made it to Hawaii...maybe I can make it the whole way.
11/16/05 - 9:19pm
Only Hollywood saves us because they are so brave to speak out. Thats a high compliment because normally I don’t like rich people. Well…I mean I’m like, kinda of well off but my parents are totally progressive so it’s not like we embrace capitalism or anything. I think its OK if you recycle, isn’t it?
11/16/05 - 9:25pm
Indymedia had a great article on how NAFTA will exploit poor countries, but there was no news on Bush stepping down. I am so angry. Why is it that it has to be my country that is so full of hate that we go to war for oil, colonialism and religious bigotry? Those Christian fundamentalists are such jerks!
11/16/05 - 9:38pm
Katy called and wants to go the movies. Cool! A nice Frappuccino and Antonio Banderas (what a hunk!) will do the trick. They probably don’t have movies in Iraq because they get bombed so much. Oh well, I’ll think about that later. I have to figure out what to wear."

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