Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I love news releases that include phrases like "killed at least one terror leader " or "the bodies of six terrorists killed during the attack". One attack, one News Release and at least seven fewer THUGS to harm Iraqis and our Troops.

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November 2, 2005
Release Number: 05-11-14



BAGHDAD, Iraq – A series of Coalition air strikes Nov. 2nd in and around Husaybah destroyed several safe houses, killed at least one terror leader and caught an IED cell in the act of emplacing roadside bombs.

Coalition Air Forces, acting on multiple intelligence sources and tips from local citizens, conducted air strikes against three al Qaeda in Iraq terrorist safe houses in Husaybah. Targeted at the safe houses were a senior al Qaeda in Iraq foreign fighter facilitator, a terror cell leader and an IED terrorist cell that were linked to al Qaeda in Iraq and foreign fighters in the Husaybah, Karabilah, and al Qaim region.

Sources report that Abu Asim was killed at one of the safe houses when it was attacked. Asim was a senior al Qaeda in Iraq foreign fighter facilitator who was recently brought in to replace another facilitator thought to have been killed by Coalition Forces. Sources report that Asim had contacts across the border in Syria, who would arrange the smuggling of foreign fighters and suicide bombers into the Husaybah and al Qaim region.

Another safe house, also destroyed by close-air-support assets, housed a senior Husaybah al Qaeda member as well as a number of other terrorists who operated from there. The senior terrorist was an assistant and close associate of the current al Qaeda in Iraq Emir of Husaybah and helped the Emir in running daily activities and communicating with terrorist cells.

During the strike against the known safe houses close-air-support assets discovered and attacked an IED cell while it was finalizing the emplacement of roadside bombs along a main route. They then attacked and destroyed a nearby safe house that the terrorists were using to support IED operations. An unknown number or terrorists were killed in the engagement.

Sources indicated that, following the air strikes, surviving terrorists from neighboring houses retrieved the bodies of six terrorists killed during the attack. They moved them into a nearby school in an apparent attempt to hide their losses.

During the attacks, Coalition air assets received ineffective small-arms fire from terrorists operating from the safe houses and nearby locations.

The use of precision guided munitions, and direct fire weapons systems to destroy the terrorist safe houses and the timing of the strikes mitigated the risk to civilians in the local area.


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