Friday, October 14, 2005


Pray for the troops tomorrow as they watch over the birth of democracy, a new concept in an ancient land. They are able, willing and ready to do what is neccessary to asssist the people of Iraq. May Allah be with those who get in the way.

What follows is today's post from 'One Marine's View':

Friday, October 14, 2005

THE BIG SHOW SATURDAY, SATURDAY, SATURDAY! Tomorrow is the big show here in Iraq. We’ll sell you the whole seat but you’ll only need the edge! We are ready for everything from suicide bombers both vests and vehicles to NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) warfare....Shwew, glad I got that small pox shot........ We like to adopt the saying “Always be prepared” and “Always have a plan B and C for good measures”. Along with us and even taking the lead in many positions are the Iraqi forces standing tall. They are a proud service and are doing good. We wont be distracted by one event to have the scumbags strike elsewhere. We have many contingency plans in place ready for whatever may transpire tonight and tomorrow. Will there be attacks, we would wish there wouldn’t be because we see first hand the results but we also know this isn’t a episode of freaking “Doctor Phil” and shit happens. Today was uniquely quiet with little or no movement on the streets. We expected a possible uprising today but the only event was a small gunfight and a couple mortars off in the distance around 1415(2:15pm) (0715 eastern Time). It’s a nice night out. Jet fighters/bombers are swarming as you can hear the engine noise at high altitudes throughout. I walked about tonight to talk to the Marines and get a feel for how they are doing and feeling. Passing out a few stoags and shooting the bull they all are locked and loaded for whatever brings in the next few hours. Young studs trained, rehearsed confidant and ready. I don’t pity the scumbags who tread our area as they will get that one-way ticket to Allah. Regardless of how tomorrow turns out, it’s already a big step for us outa here. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and thanks to everyone stopping by. Leave your site, I’ll swing by when I can. One Team, One Fight.Semper Fidelis, Capt B

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