Sunday, May 28, 2006

'Ranger' who boasted of murdering Iraqi civilians debunked by Army.

'Ranger' who boasted of murderingIraqi civilians debunked by ArmyMan claiming soldiers 'plow[ed] down entire families'also kicked out of anti-war vet group for being fraud
Posted: May 27, 20065:45 p.m. Eastern
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The U.S. Army says it has no record of a man who claimed to have "slaughtered" hundreds of civilians while serving with the Army Rangers in Iraq.
Jesse MacBeth, appearing in a 20-minute video produced by Randy Rowland, a 1970s antiwar activist, claimed to have personally killed 200 people, many of them at close range, while on patrols with the Army Rangers during his 16 months in Iraq before being discharged due to wounds he received.
Wearing a green camouflage overshirt, MacBeth said he was telling his story to atone for killing innocent civilians. The tape, titled "Jesse Macbeth: An Iraq Veteran Speaks Out," first aired in April on Seattle public access television on the show "Indymedia Presents" and has since been posted online.

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