Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What a Vet Has to Say.....

--is often worth listening too. Vets come in all sizes and shapes, all ethic backgrounds, many different nationalities. They are male and female. Tall and short. They wear different uniforms. Some have seen combat. Like me, some of not. We have different political philosophies. But, as I see it, we all have one thing in common. We gave up time, in the service of are country. Not just time, like five minutes lost falling asleep on the couch. But, years defending liberty and freedom. We value free speech.
So when a Vet speaks, he or she should be listened to. If for no other reason, than to extend the courtesy of listening to someone who was willing to die for the right of free speech.
A Vet will often measure what they say. Words can be used a weapons and Vets won't pull the trigger and fire indiscriminately. They will, however, fire back at those who target them and their country. But mostly, Vets stand at the ready, in positive support of their brothers and sisters in arms and in support of their country.
For a great piece on milblogging, visit Old Sgts Outpost. He puts the crosshairs on the MSM and explains what it means to those of us to say the good things that often go unsaid by the MSM.
Thanks Sarge, for proudly serving the United States of America.
Some of what Old Sgt had to say:

Lies, All Lies...unless of course they're mine

Bob Schieffer, must have gotten his feelings hurt when Gen Pace, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff slammed the press last weekend on Meet the Press. Schieffer closed out his episode on Face the Nation with a ranting against the top Military Officials saying that they needed to stop trying to sugar coat what is really happening in Iraq. According to Gen Pace last week on Meet the Press, the media will take certain footage of "bad" things happening in Iraq and play and replay those scenes over and over again leading the public to believe that this is happening all over Iraq. Pace also remarked that the media is not trying to provide the "good" things going on in Iraq.

As most of us on the blogging side of the aisle know there are many sites on the web that are promoting the good things that are going on. Many fellow bloggers make it a point on their sites to promote nothing but the good in Iraq and what the military are doing. Also noting that most MSM groups really have it in for the bloggers and how they are able to "scoup" stories or debunk some of the main stream media stories. I would venture to say that the MSM barely takes the time to read blogs on Milblogging.com. If they did they would be getting some of their information from those that out there on the "frontlines", and not from a reporter sitting in the safety of their hotel room in Baghdad or some other safe place not in the line of fire. If it were not for those brave individuals on the front lines doing what they are doing I would probably go along with the MSM's one sided stories.

Since I started blogging, now about two and one half months, I have come to understand why the MSM is so afraid of the Bloggers. They (we) have a clearer insite into what is going on and are looking at it from a more investigative side of news not a political agenda. As most know, the MSM's ideaology is to serve one purpose and one purpose only, the destruction of the American Mind. In otherwords, they don't want you to think for yourselves. They want to provide you with your knowledge of the happenings in the world.

The Rest of Old Sgt's Words of Wisdom

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