Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I received this in an e-mail from Capt B and I thought that I would share it with you.
The other night I heard a song called “ Have You For Gotten “ by Darryl Worley. If you get a chance to hear it, I’m sure you’ll like it. I started to think about my freedom and the high price that’s been paid for it. I began to think of the battles you have fought, lives that have been lost and families that have touched for that price of freedom. All the tears and blood that have soaked into the ground as the price of freedom we all take for granted.
I thought about that ten year old boy, who just became head of the household because he just learned his father had fallen fighting the British during the Revolutionary War. How scared a thirteen year old young man must have felt during the Civil war his brothers on one side, father on the other & townsmens around him. In his cross hairs his best friend, fighting alongside the Union Army.
I began to think about the window mother down the street from my grandmother’s house. She lost all three of her sons during World war One. How many empty, lonely nights did she cry herself to sleep ?
What about the sixteen year old young man bones shaking so bad from the icy cold water splashing him in the face and blowing off the Normandy frontlines. He’s praying to himself, hoping he makes it home to his bride.
I drop a tear for all the men that walked for days during the Great Bataan March.That freshly graduated high school eighteen year old man, who went off to war in 1968. His parents are still waiting to this day for him to walk in the back door.
I mostly remember the Delta & Special Force Rangers being dragged through the streets of Somalia.
You have made more personal sacrifices than I can even began to imagine.
These words, HONOR,COURAGE & COMMITMENT mean more to you than words can express. I mean you guys are the best of the best ! Toughest of the toughest ! You move in the shadows like demons in the night, stalking your prey like a wild tiger. When the timing is right you strike like a Kentucky lighting storm.
You see, I grew up in the back yard dirt like any every other normal boy. Playing army digging trenches, tunnels, bases, with sixty-five helicopters and about one hundred US Marines on my side.
Of course I always won, because I had you guys on my side.All I thought about when I was growing up, I would follow in my fathers footsteps, joining one of the toughest elite force in the world. So I could become one of the best America had to offer. Standing toe to toe with my brothers on the frontlines defending this great nation. To know that feeling of putting my life in someones else’s hands and theirs in my hands. I mean you guys are incredible !
You’ll go in a moments notice, leaving your loved ones on the docks, eyes full of tears. Hiding your emotions so deep in the bottom of your soul. Pushing your bodies to the max, and your state of mind to the breaking point.
You’re the first to go last to know, but always willing to fight. You’ll fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, who are to week to fight back. You’ll travel to far off islands and strange countries, to fight for total strangers. You’ll fight for us back home who can’t fight.
I’ve seen the news with anti-war protests and human shields, Americans going to Iraq. I just have to shake my head. I sometimes wonder if they are would step out of their three million dollar Malibu homes? Locking their luxury vehicles in the garage and tossing the keys into the deep blue sea? Canceling their country club membership and winter trips to Aspen? Are they willing to lace up your boots & run 1.5 miles in 13 minutes?
They might know how it feels to watch that first drip of sweat roll off your forehead, in a push up position on hot black asphalt in the middle of July. With a drill instructor screaming in your ear, less than two inches from your face. You watch that drip of sweat hit the asphalt.They might know that victorious, joyful look in your eyes, when dawn breaks on graduation day. The satisfaction that you made it and no one can take that away from you. They just might realize how much pain, blood and raging emotions you have pushed through your body, to see that dawn break on graduation day.
I’m serious as a heart attack when I say “ WE STAND BESIDE OUR TROOPS & SUPPORT WHAT THEY DO. LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND !"
There have been some things said over the years about the Marines Corps. When I read these quotes, it hits my bones & I say a small prayer for our guys.
They remind me why you’re standing on that line and they make me proud to be an American."
Behold a pale horse and upon him sat death & hell followed “ God“
The safest place in Korea was right behind a platoon of Marines, Lord how they could fight. “ MGen Frank E Low USA Korea 26 January 1952
“ Come on you sons of *censored*es you want to live forever ?" GySgt Daniel J “ Dan Daly"USMC near Lucy Le Bocage as hed led the 5th Marine attack into Belleau Wood 6th June 1918
Josh W.
Downey, Ca
P.S. That’s just where I stand !!
And, I stand there with him!

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