Monday, December 19, 2005

USO Marine of the Year

I love a good story and it's even better when it comes
from a worthy organization, like Helmets to Hardhats.
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USO Marine of the Year Award

The USO Marine of the Year Award is the highest honor that can be
bestowed upon a regular member of the Marine Corps League. The
candidates for this award are nominated by the people who know
them best; the Marines of their own Battalion. Once these Marines
make a recommendation, they send it to the Commandant of the
Marine Corps. He then chooses who should be given this special

This year, Staff Sergeant Matthew Anderson, husband of Helmets to
Hardhats employee Connie Anderson, won this prestigious award.
Connie is a Marketing Coordinator at Helmets to Hardhats, and has
worked with the company since February 2004. The Marine of the
Year award was introduced and honored at the Hilton Hotel in
Washington DC on September 14th.

According to his platoon, Staff Sergeant Anderson continually puts
himself in a position of danger in order to be the most effective during
combat operations. He is able to quickly anticipate the point of friction
and eliminate any problems that may arise. He is consistently exceeding
what is expected of him.

During one ambush on his platoon he led an assault on a suspected
enemy position, which lead to the discovery of an illegal weapons and
ammunition cache. On another occasion he maneuvered his vehicle
through a cloud of smoke and debris, ensuring that the rest of his convoy
did not become trapped in a kill zone.

Staff Sergeant Anderson participated in a USO program - Operation Care
Package - that makes up care packages and mails them to soldiers serving

We congratulate Matthew on this great award and give thanks to all of you
who serve or have served our country!
A Hat tip to Helmets to Hardhats.

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