Thursday, December 15, 2005

Helping Americans Thank Our Troops!

Welcome to!

Specializing in greeting cards for American troops and veterans, their military families and patriotic supporters!

By offering these cards, we hope to help Americans thank and support our active and retired military servicemembers, and their families.

To help further support our troops and veterans, we donate at least ten percent of our profits to military-related organizations.

So, not only do you get a wonderful card to give to a soldier or veteran, or a member of their family, but your purchase keeps on giving through the charitable donations we make.

Featured Cards and New Additions are always 25% off. Get an extra 10% off already discounted cards, plus 10% off the rest of your order, by entering coupon code “GBA511” at checkout. It’s our way of helping you thank our troops!

Toll free phone/fax: 877-640-8206
Email for information:
Email for orders:

If you support America's troops, I will support you. If anyone wants me to post anything in my blog that accomplishes that worthy goal, then please let me know.

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