Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Armor Geddon

No one tells a story better than a soldier at the front. Here's a good one from the blog page, Armor Geddon.

1st Platoon - Red Bastards - at full strength outside the second floor of our Fedayeen Barracks that Avenger Company inhabited here at FOB Scunion.

"This isn't nearly as exciting as combat but I've tried to explain it before: Iraq is about 1% action; like Baqubah, Fallujah, or running into SGT Lizzie. The rest is 99% routine boredom. 90% routineis actually just missions in sector where nothing happens except maybe an IED blows up and we do our village assessments. Good stuff, just not an adrenaline rush or worthy of Hollywood. 5% routine is the maintenance of tanks and weapons. Finally, what you're left with is the account below which falls under that last 4%. This is right up there with drinking corn-syrup and Tabasco sauce, and getting into arguments with the Bridge Marines at the river because we were there for protection, not to fix their bridge. Another story. If anyone is willing to host the AVI files, I filmed the set-up on SGT Pritsolas and SGT Kennedy. It's just dialogue but I think it's worth it in the end to see them pout and to see SSG Terry's evil, leathery smiling face. I can upload to an FTP or do a file transfer thru Yahoo IM."
Atomic Sit-Up Revenge
"One day in December, SFC Kennedy and I were just hanging out in our room downstairs. We had a day off from missions to do maintenance and since that had been completed early, the platoon was upstairs unwinding. There was a knock on our door and SSG Terry busted in. “We’re gonna play a prank on P and K.” He said with an evil yellow toothy smile."The rest of the Story.

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