Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Royal Marines

This post is honour of my mate, Samuel, who currently resides in Australia. Samuel, who recently retired due to combat injuries, served Her Royal Majesty faithfully and honourably for a number of years. He has no bitterness in his heart for what he has seen and suffered through. He deserves the thanks of his global family for all that he has done in the defense of freedom and a place of honor for being a man among men. God bless you Samuel. It is my honor to have known you.


My experience

Royal Marines are the Royal Navy's amphibious infantry and are key component of the government's Rapid Reaction Force. As such, they are required to be trained to work in different terrains and environments, from the cold, mountainous conditions in Northern Europe, to the hot arid regions of the Middle East and Africa and to the dense tropical jungles of the Far East.
All Royal Marines, except those in the Royal Marines Band Service, are first and foremost, commando soldiers. They are required to undergo what is recognised as one of the longest and most demanding infantry training regimes in the world.
The Royal Marines can trace their origins back to 1664, when an "Order-in-Council" was issued calling for 1200 soldiers to be recruited for service in the Fleet.

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